Lara Ronalds – PYP Coordinator, ORIGINS Education

Lara Ronalds - Testimonial
Lara Ronalds

“Positive and enthusiastic”

I have had the pleasure to work with Andrew Walton via ORIGINS Education for the past year. He is a pleasure to work with as he brings an energy to the workplace that is positive and enthusiastic. He is highly creative and his commitment means that he will always solve a problem no matter how complex.

He is aware of the latest educational pedagogies and this knowledge, combined with his experience as a teacher, has a positive impact on his ability to market education as he is aware of the different roles, issues and influences within education environments. This brings an authenticity in how he markets education. He values integrity this can be seen in his work ethic and his creative expression.

It has been a pleasure to work with Andrew and I am grateful for all I have learnt from him. He is a true collaborator and this makes him a valuable team player. His thoughtful communication and creativity allows him to build ideas with others and it is a positive experience for all involved.

Projects: Lara worked with Andrew and Muhammad on projects for both ORIGINS Education and Innova Academy in Beijing. Wildfire continues in a consultation role with ORIGINS Education.

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