Caleb Archer – Associate Director, ORIGINS Education

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Caleb Archer

“The Confidence of an Educator”

As the Director of Communications Andrew has effectively led the Admissions, Marketing and Communications teams. He is a natural leader who has a great way of working with community (one of his passions), staff and students to present the best of a school, and does so with the confidence of an educator.

Andrew served as a member of the Business Management Team and understands schools both as business and learning communities. He has had input into a wide range of areas from interior design of learning spaces through to developing the visual identity of our school brand. Andrew has also contributed to the social life of the staff and I have enjoyed working with him. I wish him all the best for the future and I look forward to the chance to work with him again.

Projects: Caleb worked with Andrew and Muhammad on projects for both ORIGINS Education and Innova Academy in Beijing. Wildfire continues in a consultation role with ORIGINS Education.

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Mr. Caleb Archer comes from New Zealand, where he completed his university education and spent the first stages of his teaching career. Since then, he has been employed in management positions internationally, while completing his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with First Class Honors. Caleb has been in Senior Academic Leadership for over 8 years with extended experience in China and Asia.

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