Wildfire was created to provide the kind of partnership to businesses which is becoming increasingly rare today.
We promise to engage our skills and resources to work for your success.
We believe that your success is our success.

Ideas Ignited, together.


Wildfire strongly believes in setting the stage for success, and so we take time to discuss your company's background, future plans and ideas for growth before we start the 'real work.' Wildfire treats its clients as partners and so basic customer satisfaction is not enough. To work with Wildfire is to ignite ideas. 


Success in any Wildfire project is based on us understanding each client's requirements and making sure our resources are properly engaged. With a scope of work clearly defined we are 'full on' with your project, with the power of our resources working for you.


Our motto, 'ideas ignited' is our promise to you. To be successful, your business needs both a striking visual presence and a solid technological infrastructure. Wildfire brings your ideas to life - giving you the technical support you need and your business the competitive edge it deserves.


Founding Partners



Andrew Walton

Co-Founder & Creative Lead

Andrew is a conscientious, hard-working leader who is always on the lookout for areas of improvement via strategic application of skills and resources.

Andrew's background comes from both international education and multimedia communications, with strengths in branding and identity, website and graphic design, public relations and language acquisition.

Muhammad Azeem

Co-Founder and The Geek

Muhammad is an experienced and natural leader, who's resume is backed by rich and varied experience in both business and technology infrastructure development. He has an Android cellphone, MacBook computer and maintains a personal blog on Amazon AWS which doubles as a Minecraft server for his daughter. Muhammad is an avid traveler and loves cooking.