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About Us: Wildfire Solutions at a Glance

With a combined thirty-plus years in education and business, Andrew Walton and Muhammad Azeem have joined forces to establish Wildfire Solutions, bringing our experience, skills and energy to schools and small-to-medium sized enterprises around the world. With hubs in China and the UAE, Wildfire has positioned itself to serve the world's largest international schools markets and most dynamic business centers.

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Andrew Walton - Wildfire Solutions


Andrew Walton

Co-Founder & Creative Lead

Andrew is an experienced communications manager and creative team lead with experience at top-tier, established and growing schools alike.

A licensed teacher, Andrew's background is in international education and multimedia communications, with strengths in branding and identity, website and graphic design, public relations and language acquisition.

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Muhammad Azeem - Wildfire Solutions


Muhammad Azeem

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Muhammad is an experienced and natural leader, whose resume is backed by rich and varied experience in business and educational technology infrastructure development for schools.

Muhammad is passionate about technology, blogs at www.azeem.online, is an avid traveler and loves cooking.

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Are we considering
the parent and
the student experience
from both the
education and business
points of view?


Wildfire Solutions exists to provide schools and SMEs with the edge they need in today's competitive environments. We bring our passion, skills and experience to the development and implementation of tailored tech infrastructure, EdTech and digital brand solutions.


Wildfire brings ideas to life. We provide customized and scalable solutions based upon best practices in education, business, technology and communications. We build remarkable partnerships with our clients and achieve outstanding results.


With an understanding of each client's background, vision and ideas for growth, Wildfire projects begin with clear requirements and objectives that set the stage for success. Working closely with our clients, we engage our considerable resources and wide reaching professional network to deliver solutions that get noticed.