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Bridging the Divide

The evolution of technology and its increasing impact on our daily lives has influenced the way we receive, analyze, record, manipulate and recall information. As such, schools are increasingly interested in leveraging what technology has to offer. Terms like 21st century skills, blended learning, flipped classrooms, design thinking, digital citizenship, 1:1 or 2:1 technology programs are now discussed and new ideas exchanged in almost every school community and educational conference held.
The path to successful technology integration that aligns with a particular school's vision and strategic goals, however, is complicated. Tested skills, expertise and up to date industry knowledge is required to separate the wheat from the chaff. Wildfire brings you exactly what is required to get your school ready and up to speed with appropriate systems, applications and hands on professional development. With access to key players in the education and technology industries, skills in integration of educational technology in the classroom, and proven experience with EdTech policies, Wildfire Solutions works with your school community (students, parents, educators and administration) to optimize resources that make your school stand out amongst its peers.
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  • Auditing and upgrading or design and implementation of new tech systems and platforms
  • Planning, design and integration of successful 1:1 and 2:1 BYOD (brand specific or brand independent) technology programs
  • Design and delivery of world-class, 21st century professional development programs for teachers and students
  • Planning and designing Maker Space and Maker Ed Projects


Building the Foundations

Technology is so ubiquitous today that organizations often underestimate the importance and complexity of establishing appropriate, reliable infrastructure. 21st century schools must have robust, scalable and dependable systems and platforms upon which they can build their technology-rich, integrated academic programs. Technology infrastructure should be designed to seamlessly support transformative pedagogy with no gaps left for tech frustrations.
Wildfire provides consultations and solutions tailored to the individual needs and long term goals of our clients. Our experience and skills in designing cutting edge data centers with hybrid/cloud computing, scalable networks, effective tech support, end-user device management, printing, VoIP, digital signage and live broadcasts systems brings together industry-leading resources that will push your organization to the front of the pack.
Get in touch with us for a free, no commitment evaluation of your needs - you'll be glad you did.
  • Building school data centers & virtual server environments
  • Migration to cloud computing with on-site hybrid servers for business-critical systems
  • Scalable network infrastructure to meet your demands
  • Management Information and Learning Management Systems (MIS and LMS)
  • Printing, VoIP, & live broadcast systems

Brand Development

Putting your Best Face Forward

Customers don't take your business image lightly, and neither do we. Establishing impactful visual and business identities are crucial steps in establishing a strong statement in the market – both to your customers and to your peers. Send the wrong messages and you set yourself up for wasted time, lost leads and above all, frustration.
Working with Wildfire Solutions takes the stress out of creating or refining a corporate identity. We take time to understand each client’s business, their customers and their unique market propositions so we can work with the client to connect the brand to the audience.
Have Wildfire audit your branding, or have us start from scratch building a new corporate identity for your organization - the flexibility is yours. Put our experience in developing visual identity foundations, digital and print style guidelines and templates, asset branding, clothing and merchandise to work for your organization.
  • Branding and Visual Identity (VI) Development
  • Merchandise and physical assets designed for maximum impact
  • Brand exposure planning and implementation across platforms
  • Print and social media campaign design

Web Design

Custom Design, Custom Support

A fast, visually appealing and responsive website is a must-have in almost every key industry today. Wildfire websites are built to suit our clients' specific needs and are backed by world-class hosting and support. Having taken the time to discuss your vision and the obstacles you're facing, we design impactful web solutions that meet your needs while impressing your audiences.
Your online presence will be many customers’ first impression of your organization. Collaborating with Wildfire ensures that that initial impression is one that both puts your best foot forward and meets the technical and strategic goals you have defined.
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  • Custom design & integrations with social media platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration
  • Features to support your needs, including e-commerce
  • Flexible hosting and support options including Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Digital Multimedia

Multimedia Within Reach

Wildfire provides consultation and finished solutions tailored to meet your specific multimedia needs. From consultation to delivery of complete community engagement packages, which include digital signage, creation studio setup, media hosting and delivery, theater audio-visual design and setup, and more, Wildfire is here for you.
Need a private media server solution? Wildfire offers cloud storage, app development and communication suite implementation that allow your organization to have full control over the media you curate and deliver.
Need hardware to support your programs on site? Wildfire can also design and implement cabling, networking and connectivity solutions for your organization’s end user devices, bringing together the best resources in the industry. With our specialized skill set in digital and online media, Wildfire can guide you in sourcing equipment, and even setting up low-cost / high quality studios and creation suites. We can also help with the actual creation of effective digital media for your business.
Engage our skills and experience today. Schedule an in-house consultation to start your organization’s transformation.
  • On-site needs assessment audits and reporting
  • Equipment package design and procurement guidance
  • Media server auditing, setup & customization
  • On-site training for staff and students

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