Donna Connolly – Deputy Director, WAB (Retired)

Donna Connolly - Testimonial
Donna Connolly - Testimonial
Donna Connolly

“I Am Pleased to Give Him My Highest Recommendation”

In my former positions of Deputy Director and Middle School Principal at The Western Academy of Beijing, I had the opportunity to work with Muhammad for five years, ending in June 2015. During most of this time, Muhammad worked as our IT Manager, a role that is very similar to the Director of Technologies role in many schools.

I maintained a close working relationship with Muhammad as we worked on several committees and initiatives together. At all times, I knew Muhammad to be incredibly skilled in his field, focused, hardworking, calm and possessing much integrity. Despite his very multi-dimensional and demanding position, Muhammad never appeared too busy to help out someone in need.

Muhammad worked with our Senior Education Team, Business Management Team and Technology Integrators to help define the strategic direction, and implementation of our school’s technology vision, innovation, and development. Through his diverse role in supporting and maintain our school’s IT infrastructure, Muhammad was deeply involved in our IT budgeting, 1:1 laptop program, iPad program, teacher training, professional development, media, broadcasting, digital signage, Power School, school email system and multi-site student blogging system… to highlight just a few of his responsibilities.

Muhammad was highly respected by administration, technology integrators, teachers, support staff, students and parents alike. I am pleased to give him my highest recommendation.

Projects: Donna worked with Muhammad (and Andrew) at the Western Academy of Beijing over a number of years.

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