Designing Technology Infrastructure for Transformational Learning Spaces – part 2

We cannot afford to not include a ubiquitous, agile and integrated technology infrastructure as one of the top priorities when designing new schools today or refurbishing old ones. It simply cannot be an after-thought as it mostly has been in the past. Tech infrastructure has to be included in the designs from day one!

Similarly, having a team of specialists to do that job is also a must. How many times have a single person held the authority in making decisions about technology in a school? Yes, we have all seen that happening... and failing!

This team should include not only a visionary and experienced school leader but also learners, educators, parents and most importantly an expert from the information technology sector with hands-on experience working in education sector, with passion for both technology and education, member of technology and educational professional networks and with access to the tech industry. thats me 😉

We should be working backwards for designing the technology provisions and choosing the devices we will invest our time and money in. The guiding principles for our choices should be informed by the experience, the program, the environment and ecosystem which this technology is going to support. Only then we will be able to come up with something which will resemble 'success'.

Messy Data Center
messy data centre - Image by Cloned Milkmen (Flickr). Creative Commons (CC BY) License
Neat Data Center
Neat Data Centre - Image by grumpygir (Imgur)

While we discuss the provisions of technology in a school's fabric we should also realise that the programs and experiences designed by the board, administrators and educators of a school should understand and appreciate the role of technology played today in education and professional world. The impact of technology on our lives today and its impending exponential increase should guide the design of learning spaces and the educational programs in a truly 21st century vision school and an innovative, visionary school needs the best teachers who can inspire their learners. Teachers' roles should not be diminished by technology rather evolve into a role model who fans the flames of learning in the young minds, and become their champions.